Neoclassical Pulse Diagnosis Seminar Part One

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Part one of a six part series.
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  • 00:00 - Introduction to Neoclassical Pulse Diagnosis, Will Morris, Medicine as Metaphor.
  • 35:00 - Extraordinary Vessel History, Purity of Intention.

About Neoclassical Pulse Diagnosis

Neoclassical Pulse Diagnosis is an amazingly effective and easy to learn system of pulse diagnosis, based in the classics. It is sometimes called “an acupuncturist’s pulse diagnosis” as the pulse techniques will indicate specific points that will immediately help to bring greater balance to the pulse and to affect patient’s symptoms.

This system was developed by William Morris, PhD, DAOM, Lac. William has studied and practiced Chinese medicine, astrology, western herbalism and various other healing modalities for more than 40 years, including 7 years studying and co-teaching with Leon Hammer in the Shen-Hammer system of pulse diagnosis.

Neoclassical pulse diagnosis is derived from the pulse classics, particularly the Mai Jing by Wang Shu He. It based more on feeling for specific shapes than subtle qualities, which makes it easier to learn and apply than many other pulse diagnosis systems.

William Morris’ book, Neoclassical Pulse Diagnosis, will be released later this year.

About Thomas Richardson MTS, MAcOM, LAc

Thomas Richardson is a senior teacher in the system of Neoclassical Pulse Diagnosis, having studied, applied, and taught this system for over ten years. He mentored under William Morris for 4 years while in acupuncture school, eventually assisting at his seminars and later teaching this work independently. Currently he is assisting William in completing his book on Neoclassical Pulse Diagnosis.

Thomas has also completed a Master of Theological Studies at Harvard University, where his research focused on the relationship between Buddhism, Daoism, and Chinese medicine, and he recently published his first book: Extraordinary Chinese Medicine: The Extraordinary Vessels, Extraordinary Organs, and the Art of Being Human.

This book examines relationships between the extraordinary vessels and fu, and Daoist conceptions of the evolution of consciousness.

More information can be found at his website:

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